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Land of The Midnight Sun

Music to Accompany What You See Here:

Morning Mood
Edvard Greig
of Bergen, Norway, who wrote much of his world-famous music in a cabin high in the fjords.
Splendour of the Seas
Glides Through

Digital Movie:
From 1 AM to 7 AM,
as Splendour of  the Seas glides 
through Sognefjord past farms
and small villages to Flåm, 
passengers in awe
of the beauty of the fjord 
speak only in whispers
or not at all. 
The recorded sound is of the waterfall, 
the gentle breeze of cool clean air,
and the footsteps of a lone runner.
By Lois A. Evensen - June 24, 2000

Click here for a cyber-visit to Flåm, Norway,
the little village at the end of Sognefjord.

The Evensens on the Internet
COPYRIGHT © 1994 - 2009 by Lois A. Evensen
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