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Splendour of the Seas


At the End of Songefjord
Flåm, Norway

Splendour docks literally in the heart of Flåm, Norway.

If you look carefully at the right bottom of this image, 
you'll see that Splendour is much longer than this
new dock built to accommodate large ships.  Just three
years ago, Splendour had to anchor and tender here. 

Flåm is a real-life Lionel Toy Train village.  This image
is from Deck 10 of Splendour.

Behind the gift shops in red buildings in the center
is the train station;  to the left of the train station
is the ferry.  The large white building behind and left
of the ferry is a hotel, recently enlarged.  The tan
building center front is a restaurant and hotel with 
balcony suites overlooking the fjord, see image below.
At the center right attached to the yellow
building is a train car restaurant where you can
enjoy a reindeer steak.

After visiting Flåm onboard Splendour last summer, 
my husband, Kjell, and I returned by car during 
our vacation.  Ours was the balcony suite on the right
where we could see and hear the activity of the fjord. 
Early one morning it was as if we awoke in the 
middle of a post card as we watched another cruise 
ship come in just as we had arrived onboard Splendour 
of the Seas only a week or so earlier.

Note the clouds and snow at the top of the wall 
of the fjord. At sea level it was light jacket
or sweater weather.

The shadow across the lawn is cast 
by Splendour of the Seas.

To put size of the fjord wall in context, note the
vehicle and people at the very bottom of this image.

This drive-up restaurant provided typical 
Norwegian treats.

A Norwegian rock garden can also be described as
a Norwegian boulder garden.

The gift shops have plenty of quality merchandise.  Some
of the most popular items are handmade sweaters,
cheese slicers, and, of course, troll dolls.

This is one of the few places in the world where the ATM,
called a mini bank in much of Europe, has a grass roof.

Flowers are everywhere.

The melting snow creates those beautiful waterfalls
that eventually flow into this river that rushes to the fjord.
Salmon and trout can be caught here.

The back of Splendour is too long to fit the dock, too.

Flam's newly enlarged dock was opened May 16, 1999, 
just prior to our visit last summer.

As Splendour prepared to depart, we 
were treated to a musical farewell.

The band's last selection before they all waved goodbye
was the Norwegian National Anthem.  I wondered how 
many people onboard recognized the music our hosts
were playing for us as they chatted with one another.

Splendour of the Seas then slipped away from the
dock to slowly float 260 miles through 
Songefjord to return to the North Sea. 

By Lois A. Evensen - June 24, 2000

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