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September 20, 2011


This is a site by and for people interested in cruising in general and Royal Caribbean Cruises in particular.  We are consumers of cruise vacations.  We started this site on March 31, 1997, and we've grown like seaweed ever since!

You are currently viewing the main index of more than 200 pages on this site.  Below on this page you'll find links to reader Posts, Cruisers' Cruise Calendar, Cruise Reviews, Ports of Call, Images of Ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet, Cruise Links, and our History.  Links to navigate around the site are also found at the top and bottom of each page.   We hope you enjoy what you find here.

Our site is liberally sprinkled with digital images of ships, ports, and other subjects of interest. In addition to more information about this site the Special Request from the WebAnchor provides details about how you can share your cruise-related images with other readers of this site.

Bookmark this page as your starting point for each visit.


Click on the diver to dive into the posts of others or write your own. You'll find some very friendly people here who can answer many of the questions you may have and perhaps you will be kind enough to share your knowledge by answering questions of others. The Posts Page is where you can add a greeting for someone special for a happy anniversary, birthday, graduation, or other event. 

Cruisers' Cruise Calendar

Here's where you can read about others' cruise plans and list your own. You may discover you will be cruising with others who read and contribute to this site.

Click on the parrot and he'll take you to the Cruisers' Cruise Calendar.

Cruise Reviews

We have a part of this site devoted to Cruise Reviews from our readers, too. If you've experienced a Royal Caribbean cruise, please share your experiences by using our special form here.

The reviews can be extremely helpful to new and experienced cruisers by giving the cruise vacation consumer's view of various Royal Caribbean ships ships and ports. If you've sailed aboard a Royal Caribbean ship, we hope you'll write and tell us about it, too. Click on the dolphin and he'll take you to the Cruise Reviews.

Ports of Call

Where we go is as exciting as the ships on which we sail to get there. Click on the globe to the right to visit our new Ports of Call section of this site where you will find links to images and information about Royal Caribbean's ports.

If you would like to send us your port report or have links to submit for possible inclusion, write to the WebAnchor.  Keep in mind that this is a non-commercial site so only non-commercial links will be included.

Images:  Our Favorite Souvenirs

As we travel, most of us take pictures that often become our favorite sourvenirs.  Click on the camera to see our favorite image of the day.  This page is here so that we can share some of the images that we capture and we can all enjoy them.  Some images are of ships and ports, others are of places, objects, and people we see and meet during our cruises and other travels.  Images are generally changed every day.  They have been reduced in size to allow for quick loading on the site.  Images remain the property of the photographer. 

If you would like to submit images you have taken to appear here, click here

If you have questions about of any of the images on this web site, write to the Webmaster who will put you in contact with the owner of the image.

Ship Images

Here are some Images of Royal Caribbean Ships.  Click on our ship to the right and you'll find a listing of many of the ships in the Royal Caribbean fleet.  This group of images is being updated regularly.

Cruise Links

The following links will open a new browser window.  To return to this site after viewing these links, just close the new window.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. - This is the company's web site.

Royal Caribbean U.K. - This is the company's site in the United Kingdom.

Celebrity Cruises - UK - Sister Company Celebrity Cruises Web Site in the United Kingdom.

Yahoo Quotes for Royal Caribbean - current stock information and business news.

US Department of State - US Passport Information

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention - Traveler Information

U.S. State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs - Travel Advisories

United States Department of State - Bureau of Consular Affairs - Foreign Entry Requirements

The Universal Currency Converter

Bart de Boer's Passenger Ship Parade

Port of Miami, Florida

Port of Galveston, Texas

Port of Vancouver, Canada

History/Other Information

Take a look at our short History Page, to learn how this site got started and why some of us know each other.  Hopefully, you'll get to know us and we'll get to know you, too.  For more detailed information about how you can participate in this site, take a look at our Special Request from the Webanchor.

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Seafoam Behind Splendour of the Seas - November, 1999
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Royal Caribbean Cruisers' Discussion Group
Embarkation (Main Index)  - Current Posts  - Cruisers' Cruise Calendar - Blog (New!)
 Cruise Reviews  - Ports of Call - Images of Ships - Images: Our Favorite Souvenirs - Our History
Copyright © 1997 - 2011 by Lois A. Evensen, the entire contents of this site.
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