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Royal Caribbean's
Splendour of the Seas
Port of Call
In the South of France
Villefranche, France
Lois A. & Kjell T. Evensen

Ah, yes, we have returned to Villefranche, France.  During previous visits we have visited
neighboring Nice and Monaco and have enjoyed it tremendously.  Our favorite thing to do
here in Villefranche is walk around the town, have lunch in an open air cafe, take photographs,
and chat with others enjoying the little town as much as we are.  As always, my husband,
Kjell, and I passed our digital camera back and forth to capture these photos.

Villefranche is tucked into the side of mountains overlooking the Mediterranean in the
South of France.  This gorgeous area lives up to its reputation of being the perfect vacation spot.

We tendered into Villefranche

from our beautiful Splendour of the Seas.

In the harbor we found pleasure craft

of all types,


and sizes.

Our tender pulled in just as an identical one was leaving.  Tender service was quick and easy.

It's difficult to know where to point your camera in Villefranche.

There are colorful photographs everywhere.

For lunch we returned to Cafe Les Palmiers, a favorite place
from previous visits.  The waiter was fast, efficient, and fun.

We selected fresh salads with grilled chicken and had a huge
chocolate ice cream for dessert.  French food in France.  Ah, yes....

We love to photograph the beautiful people and things
we see around us:  other people watching people, 

a (big) boy and his (big) dog,

others enjoying lunch,

and the restaurants nearby 

where we have eaten during previous visits.

The place mat is pretty enough to frame.

Oh, hi!  Friends from the ship sat down at a table nearby.

After lunch we walked through the streets of Villefranche, passing the camera back and forth
as we captured our favorite souvenirs on floppy disks.  Does Ernest Hemmingway live on in Villefranche?

This bar collects caps, money, and if you look carefully, you'll see an RCCL boarding card
toward the right side of the row of money.  Close inspection revealed it is from Splendour of the Seas.

Sitting in one spot for awhile we were able to collect great images
we are enjoying even more now that we are far from Villefranche.

We selected a seat outside for awhile and began to photograph those who passed by,

what we saw in front of us,

above us,

and next to our feet as the driver of this car stopped to move a
chair belonging to our cafe so that his car would fit through the street.

It seemed to be the normal course of events for him to stop
every few feet to move things out of his way, then drive on.

The bar owner shared pizza with a friend.

The narrow streets

provide interesting lighting 

for photography.

And, of course, here are the typical tourist photos again

of each other.  :-)

Hi!  More friends from the ship!

And, another car squeezes through the narrow street.

People passed by

and stopped and chatted.

Finally, it was "that time" to head back to the ship.

Oh, yes, for those so inclined, there is plenty of shopping in Villefranche.
We already had our souvenirs, though, on floppy disks tucked into our camera bag.  :-)

This little guy sat next to us on the tender on the way back to the ship.  We had seen him
earlier during the cruise and had found him irresistible.  He and his dad were dressed
alike in black tuxedoes on formal nights.  I only wish I had had my camera when we saw him then.

Villefranche remains our favorite Mediterranean port of call. 
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