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 Sailing The Grand Canal
Venice, Italy
October 21, 2001
Splendour of the Seas

Splendour of the Seas was sailing out of Venice
for the last time in 2001 on this sunny October afternoon.

This was an excellent day... catch the afternoon sun...

...on the beautiful windows and doors...

...of Romantic Venice.

Take a look at this film clip taken as we began our sail out 
from Venice.  The sun was surely perfect for us this evening. 

Along the shoreline you'll see the shadow of Splendour.
Splendour's distinctive funnel shadow falls on the
building near the left side of the image. 

Ferries packed with people cheered and waved as we passed.

This ship is completely shadowed from the afternoon sun
by Splendour's relatively gigantic size.

The city's famous buildings took on a special glow... that afternoon sun.

The bridges of Venice... 

...are among the famous sights of the city.

A police boat rushed by, blue light flashing.

I happened to have the camera rolling when we passed a 
ferry boat of singing, clapping, and waving Venetians.
What a wonderful city of friendly people!

As we passed the narrow street leading into 
St. Mark's Square, I made another film clip.
Note the vast number of people and the graceful gondolas.
The sounds are of the water rushing past our ship and
the voices of children onboard near where I was recording.

The Pope had been in Venice today, so there were 
even more people here than the usual tourist crowd.

This is the downtown area where the water taxi shuttle from
the ship takes and picks up passengers.

Another police boat sped by.

The many bridges make a good image study by themselves.

Nearing the open sea, we passed a park where residents
and visitors can enjoy grassy lawns and walks beside the sea.

Good bye to Venice for 2001.  There can never been enough
trips to Venice.  We had been here before and look
forward to our next return to this lovely city.
Images from Deck 4 - Splendour of the Seas

By Lois A. Evensen - October 21, 2001

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