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Royal Caribbean's
Splendour of the Seas
Returns to Venice
May 22 and 23, 2000
Port Report
Kjell T. & Lois A. Evensen


This door had been converted to a window.

The black sign near the mail slot reads, "Love and War."
A black masquerade mask hangs in the lower window pane.

The door hardware found in Venice could be a separate photo story.

The owners of this home had found space for a private courtyard garden.

In addition to the lovely residences

along the canals,

there is real estate to be rehabilitated in Venice.

There are reminders everywhere that we are visiting a Roman Catholic city.

The water takes its toll on the buildings,

but the results

add to the artistic quality of the place.

Around another corner and more to buy....

Around still another corner and we found ourselves in St. Mark's Square

with thousands of other visitors

and pigeons.

We moved on to a tree lined area along the waterfront.

The canal and buildings across the canal

are appreciated by tourists who sit down for a rest

and some sun.

The choices of souvenirs

are endless.

Tourists photograph Venice,

her people,

and each other.

We saw several tour groups from our ship.

This is one of my favorite images in this series.

We couldn't resist another ice cream.  This one was purchased
and consumed at a restaurant along the Grand Canal. 

We boarded our shuttle back to Splendour

and from the shuttle window

we were able to photograph even more

and more windows.

A shuttle pulled in beside us.  The people just arriving to explore the heart of
Venice were intently recording visual memories while the bus was tied up.

Finally, we were ready to leave downtown Venice for the last time this year.

The canal boat near us was being refueled.  Here the fuel comes to the vehicle.

Our shuttle pulled away from the dock and we began our
thirty minute picturesque journey back to Splendour.

It is a challenge to take photographs from the rocking and rolling shuttle boat.

An arrow traffic sign keeps vehicles in the right part of the canal.

We returned to the auto, train, and commercial marine part of Venice

and could see our ship just around the corner.

Workers on the Russian ship waved again as we passed

and soon we were able to capture a few more photos of our own ship.

We were delighted the sun was now in a good position for photos.

It always feels good to come back to Splendour after a day in port.

The following day we left Venice for the last time in the year 2000.

As we sailed past the city we couldn't resist a few more photos,
even though we have taken all of these images before.

This time my position was on Deck 4 of Splendour

The sunlight was perfect for photographs this evening.

Click here for a short video clip taken while we were passing St. Mark's Square. 

The late afternoon sun provided perfect lighting for these photos.

As evening came upon us...

...Venice once again slipped into the mist behind us as we said our last farewells for this year. 

This is the sunset we enjoyed less than an hour after leaving Venice.

Surely you can see how much we enjoy Venice;
we hope you have enjoyed our photo tour of this wonderful old city. 
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