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Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas Visits
Venice, Italy
May 10 and 11, 2000
Lois A. & Kjell T. Evensen

Background Image:
Exterior Artwork of St. Mark's Basilica in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy - May 10, 2000

We arrived in Venice aboard Splendour of the Seas.  As beautiful as these first sights of the
city were for us, I am sure those on the other side of our camera found the view of the
magnificent Splendour of the Seas slowly, elegantly floating through The Grand Canal just as exciting.

To accompany these photos, you may enjoy listening to Vivaldi's Summer.  This beautiful
music of Vivaldi, who wrote and performed in Venice, still is in the Venetian air during regularly scheduled concerts.

These images were taken between 9 AM, May 11, and 7 PM, May 12, 2000.  As always,
my husband, Kjell, and I each captured some of the images that you see here.
We had been to Venice before, but always look forward to
return visits with as much anticipation and excitement as the first.

As I do on most of my pages, the images on this two page report are shown in a
straight-forward vertical presentation so that they will display nicely for you regardless
of how you have set your monitor's viewing size.  The images are reduced to a size that
should load reasonably quickly.  There are many images here, however, so if all them do not load
the first time, please click "reload" or "refresh" on your browser.
Your computer must be equipped to play .mpg files to view the film clips.

And now, please join us for an image tour of Venice....

The view from ten decks above sea level are strikingly
different from those at sea level that appear later in this report.

This is the entrance to Piazza San Marco.  We would tour this area later on foot.

We passed the city to dock beyond it.

This gave us a wonderful opportunity to record images
from our unique position of ten decks above the sea.

The many passengers on open decks of Splendour enjoyed
this early morning water tour of The Grand Canal. 

As fast as we could click our cameras we had another view of the city.

It was an overcast day, but the sun broke just as we were passing the main part of the city.

Although Splendour of the Seas needs no tug boat assistance
to maneuver, this tug had escorted us into Venice.

We arrived at the commercial port that would be Splendour's home for two days.

Splendour of the Seas turned, then backed into the
dock space in the far left corner of this image.

We were eager to go ashore, but did so late in the afternoon after other events onboard.
This image is taken out of the window of the water taxi you see below.

This water taxi had a sign in the window that I was not able to photograph because of the
reflection on the window.  The classic RCCL sign that is used in all ports read,
RCCL SHUTTLE BUS."  I got a kick out of the "bus" being a "boat" here
in Venice and made a mental note to try again later for a photo of the sign.

As our bus pulled away from the curb, I mean dock,
we had an excellent opportunity for a Sony moment with the ship.

A fire boat was tucked away in a canal between the commercial port and the city.

We passed a car ferry...

...passenger boats, and, of course,

all the lovely buildings along the shore.

Sit back and enjoy the sights with us....

Our shuttle was taking us near the central square of the city.

There is no question this is a tourist city and the local people know it.

In addition to the row of shops there are individual entrepreneurs displaying their wares
wherever they can find a spot.  When they see the police approach on foot,
they pack up their merchandise and run to set up "shop" elsewhere.

The buildings, bridges, doorways, and windows fascinate me.
This doorway is just a few steps off of the sidewalk on the Grand Canal.

We had come into the center of the city late in the afternoon so shadows were long.

This late afternoon sun provided lighting for photographic challenges and rewards.

We certainly weren't the only people in Venice this evening.

We heard many different languages.

And saw many colorful people.

There were images waiting to be captured wherever we looked.

As we moved into the Piazza San Marco we could see
why Venice is The Romantic City to people of all ages.

In the square you can enjoy a stop for refreshments to the sounds of beautiful music.
Click here for a short film clip of this scene.

We enjoyed the artwork on St. Mark's Basilica.  The position of the sun made it
difficult to get the images we wanted to we only took a couple and returned later for more.

We were now in search of an out of the way restaurant so we could enjoy a quiet dinner.

As we continued walking, the photos continued to jump out at us. 

Gift shops are everywhere... are small restaurants tucked here and there in the small side streets.
We enjoyed a relaxed, delicious veal dinner here.

When we returned to the piazza, we found the light to be perfect to photograph more of the church.

We were now near the end of day one of two days in Venice so we returned to find the shuttle.

As we waited for the shuttle, we noticed jet trails in the sky
and the interesting pattern they created behind the street lamps.
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