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Splendour of the Seas
Port of Call
Santos, Brazil
December 11, 2001
Images by Kjell T. & Lois A. Evensen

These are images of our car tour of
Santos, Brazil.
It was so very kind of our 
friend, Father Nils of the Norwegian
Seaman's Church, to give us a tour of the city
he has called home for the past twelve years.

Father Nils can easily be described 

as a living Norwegian Father Christmas.
He is a giant of a kind and gentle man.

As we travel, I find architecture and

building materials fascinating.  This building
covered and decorated with tiles appears
to be an old gate house.

If you have seen our other port reports,

you'll know we enjoy collecting images of
doors and windows.  We found the tile wall
around these doors very interesting.

We drove up steep, narrow, winding roads

through very poor neighborhoods.

Although the weather was overcast and misty,

the views we found at the top were spectacular.

Here I am with our host and guide, Father Nils.

In the mist in the background, way to 
the left, we could see Splendour of the Seas.

I laughed out loud when I saw this picture.

My husband, holding the camera on the left,
snapped this one in the rear view mirror
of both of us snapping pictures in unison.

According to the Guinness Book of Records,

Santos has the longest public beach in the world.

This picture reminds me of a children's puzzle:

"Can you find Splendour of the Seas hiding
in this picture?

Our last stop was at a huge, multi-floor, modern

shopping center where we window
shopped and grabbed some fast food
before returning to Splendour of the Seas.


Images by Kjell T. & Lois A. Evensen
December 11, 2001

This is my view from the back seat.  My
husband, Kjell, sat up front beside Father
Nils who offered to stop any time we
wanted to take pictures.  A little further
down this page, you'll see how Kjell and 
I hung out of the windows to capture the
images you see on this page.  We made
frequent photo stops along the way, too.

The area around the port is a maze 

of old buildings and plenty of pigeons.

We moved into the downtown area.  The

mosiac sidewalks remind us 
of Funchal, Madeira.

This is a beautiful old Catholic Church,

built in 1640 by the Franciscans.

Father Nils stopped to talk with the man

in the white shirt, one of the priests
of this church.  The gentleman in the
suit is the Tourist Minister of Santos.
We enjoyed meeting them both.

This little one was waiting on the front steps

of the church...perhaps for a church mouse?

Mass was in progress.  We were told

it was permitted to take pictures.

The artwork in this small church is priceless.

My husband captured this ceiling image
of St. Francis.

These bananas were so close to our car

window we could almost reach out
and touch them.

This is the Santos Fire Department.

This beautiful creature waited for us to

stop the car and for me to take a picture
before he flew away.

This is the Anglican Church of Santos.

For US $20, you can parasail from

this mountain top.  We wisely passed
this opportunity.

This is what happens when you

build your apartment house on sand.  We
understand apartments are rented at a
discount in this leaning building.

To make our tour of churches complete,

Father Nils drove past his
Norwegian Seaman's Church.

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