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Royal Caribbean's
Splendour of the Seas
Sails Out Of
Naples, Italy
May, 2000
Images by Lois A. Evensen
Splendour of the Seas
Sails Out of Naples, Italy

Images of the Dockside at the End of 
Splendour's Last Visit in the Year 2000
The City:

The People:

Images by Lois A. Evensen
From Deck 4, Splendour of the Seas
May 20, 2000
The Jobs:

The Last View:

Port Tips
For Those Who Go Ashore
On Their Own in Naples, Italy

Shopping Near the Port of Naples, Italy
Image by Lois A. Evensen - May 8, 2000

There are wonderful sights to be seen in and around the famous city of Naples, Italy.
This is a good port to take one of the excellent organized tours.

The following is for those who walk into town near the port.
This information came from some of those who ventured into port on May 8, 2000:

Be street smart and guard your valuables.
Scam artists and pickpockets are delighted you have come to Naples.

If on foot, beware of traffic near the port.
It doesn't stop for you even if you are in what appears to be a crosswalk.

Don't buy from street vendors unless you know the merchandise and price.
A recent scam is toy cell phones that are sold as real for about U.S. $100.

If you buy anywhere, including stores, be extremely careful to count your cash payment
out loud to the person making the sale and in front of others.  Be sure to count your change.
A scam is the store clerk who claims that you have given too little cash and an additional payment is demanded.

Don't ever leave your payment for a meal on a table when you leave the restaurant.
Do give payment directly to the server or cashier.  Otherwise, you may be stopped at the
door and asked for payment which has then disappeared from the table where you left it.

Always negotiate taxi prices, destinations, and times before you get into the taxi.

Seeing this port with an organized group or with a group of friends are enjoyable
ways to visit Naples, Italy.  Don't miss this wonderful port, just be careful.

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