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A Visit To
Mingus Mill

A Working Mill in The Great Smoky Mountains
March 30, 2005
A stop at Mingus Mill is a must whenever we are in The Great Smoky Mountains.
In these beautiful mountains near Cherokee, North Carolina, water power does the job of running the mill.
These images were taken on March 30, 2005, just as Spring was coming to The Smoky Mountains.
The Mill is operated by the U.S. National Park Service.
As we arrived, the water flow that powers the mill was being redirected.
How do you keep others from climbing your ladder?
Take some of the rungs with you!
The operation of the mill is quite simple.
Water flowing downhill
powers the turbine that turns the mill stone that grinds the grain into flour.
Inside the mill visitors can purchase corn and wheat flour
that has been ground here.
This gentleman is happy to tell visitors about the mill. This original equipment turbine wheel was made in Springfield, Ohio.
And, when I got home here is what I did with the flour I purchased at Mingus Mill! Good eating!
Images by Lois A. Evensen - March 30, 2005

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