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Splendour of the Seas
Port of Call:  Malaga Spain
Carriage Tour of Malaga
May 3, 2000
Port Report
Lois & Kjell Evensen

Background Image:  Flowers at the Port of  Malaga, Spain - May 3, 2000

The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is so very true.  This is an image
intensive report.  If all the photos don't load the first time, please click reload or refresh on your browser.

We were blessed with another beautiful, sunny day for our visit to the Port of Malaga, Spain:
the temperature was 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit with a gentle breeze.  My husband
and I had been here the previous year on the same date.  That time we had walked into the city
and had climbed a mountain to the castle at the top.  This time we decided to do something different
so we talked with the very polite carriage driver on the dockside.  In mostly English he offered a
45 minute tour of the the city for $40 for both of us.  That sounded perfect to us so we boarded
his carriage.  This photo review is largely shot from the vantage point of the back passenger
seat of the carriage as we passed our digital camera back and forth.  Images shot to the
left are taken by my husband, Kjell;  I was responsible for images to the right.  :-)

As our one horse power vehicle pulled away from our 57,000
horsepower floating home we began capturing images of Malaga.

Malaga is a lovely contrast of old and new buildings.

The port serves a variety of ships...

...and cargo.

I moved to the empty seat opposite ours so we could take classic tourist photos...

...of each other.

Then I moved back next to my husband and we continued taking photos of the scenery.

Beautiful architecture,

broad streets,

old and new...

... side by side.

As our carriage took us on,

the driver sometimes leaned back to give information over
the roar of the traffic.  "The Cathedral is down that street."

And, sure enough, we caught glimpse of it. 

As much fun as this carriage ride was, it was different from our usual walking tours where
we could take all the time we wanted to frame and focus while standing reasonably still. 

These horse-on-the-trot photos presented a photographic challenge that resulted
in very different images than those we usually capture and we loved every minute of it.

This is a tourist information center.

Although blurred because of the movement of our carriage, this is one of my favorite photos
of the entire trip ashore.  What you see here is a base of one tree, with roots reaching
for the earth from high in the air.  At some time long ago, a protective wall and fence were
constructed covering part of the sidewalk.  Then, as a newer root developed from a limb
above and grew to the earth, a new area of the sidewalk was removed and a smaller fence
constructed for protection.  This can be seen in the lower right corner of the photo.

As fast as we could click the camera we were getting fantastic views of the architecture
of this beautiful city.  This and the following are views of the Parliament Building.

Then the park we had photographed...

...and the castle wall we had climbed last year came into view.

We snapped a quick photo as we passed and made plans
visit the park again on foot at the end of our carriage ride.

Our carriage moved on down the main street of Malaga into a shopping and... living residential area.

Our horse stopped to take a look at us.  :-)  I guess he decided
we were all right because he let us stay onboard.

We made a swing back to the direction from which we had come...

...passing hotels, shops, restaurants....

We passed the main traffic circle,

the Parliament Building,

then turned into a new area on the way to find Picasso's home.

Oh, my, yes, I need to make an appointment as soon as I am
home in August.  I took this photo for you, Chris.

At the end of this street on the right is Picasso's home. 

This would have been a good time to be on foot so that
we could have explored the area more carefully. 


The center of the square provided a bird house for the pigeons.  In some cities such
as Venice, pigeons are discouraged, but the pigeons rule the roost in this square.

There wasn't time this day, but if we visit Malaga again, it will be fun to have a luncheon here.

Yes, another reminder....

The square is a lovely photographer's paradise.

Another carriage was close behind us.  Traffic was nose to bumper.

There were so many side streets begging to be explored.

The other carriage pulled along side.  We exchanged
greetings with the passengers as the drivers talked.

This is the back side of the base of the wall to the castle.

And, behind this fence is a Roman theater that is being excavated.

We then turned to go toward the park where we had asked
our driver to leave us at the end our ride.

Malaga is a clean, modern city...

...with a natural blending of old and new.

We said good bye to our driver at the Parliament Building.

We were very happy with the carriage tour and highly recommend it.

We love the peaceful feeling of being in this park.

It's a place to read,

write, and relax.

I would love to be able to keep my garden at home so beautifully groomed.

After a leisurely stroll through the park we started walking back toward the ship.

We passed the traffic circle...

...and through another park.

There is always somewhere to buy souvenirs, but our favorite souvenirs are our photos.

Just before reaching the dock, we passed the public beach we saw from the ship as we
arrived in Malaga.  From the ship in the morning we could see the patterns
left by the equipment used to clean and smooth the sand each day.

Although sunny, the weather was a bit cool for swimming.

Tours were returning to the ship as we arrived on foot.

And, sure enough, our carriage and driver were back in hopes of finding another fare.
Ours was the carriage in the rear in this photo.  We hope to visit Malaga again.  One of the
pleasures of revisiting ports is that you begin to know the area well enough to be able to plan
your next trip ashore.  The next time it would be fun to explore Picasso Square on foot,
sample the local food, and capture more images with our feet planted firmly on the ground.
More of Malaga

We visited Malaga, Spain, exactly one year earlier, May 3, 1999.  Last year we walked from
the ship through the city center, the beautiful park beside the Parliament Building, then up
a mountain to a castle overlooking the city and harbor. A photo review of our mountain climbing visit is here.

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