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Enjoying my family, learning new things, traveling to different places, and getting to know and understand people are what make life exciting and fun for me.

I began this site in 1994 as a way to put images and greetings on line to share with family and friends.  The enjoyment of working with digital images, language, communicating with family in distant lands, and meeting new friends has been the fuel that has driven this site to consume more and more space in cyberspace.  This page is now a part of a much larger site that includes many interests of my husband, Kjell, and our entire family.  I hope you'll visit often to see what's new.

We're glad you're here and hope you enjoy some of the things we have to share. We've added a Visitors' Comments (Guest Book) Page. To send a message of greeting and/or comment, click here.  If you have a travel related question, click here.


What we love to do in our free time:
Cod Fishing in the Arctic Ocean

April through July of 1999, my husband, Kjell, and I took several thousand photos while crossing the Atlantic from Miami and visiting ports throughout Europe.  We completed three months aboard Splendour of the Seas in Bergen, Norway, on July 1.  We then rented a car for two weeks, revisited the little village of Flåm by Sognefjord that we had visited a few days earlier by sea, then drove through the mountains eventually to Tønsberg, Norway.  Although we each have digital cameras, we generally carry only one with us each day and pass it back and forth.

Ever dream of fishing in the Arctic Ocean?  Here we are doing just that in June, 1999.  With a few friends we hauled in 25 gallons (that container is how we measured our catch) of cod in barely an hour.  We had mighty good eating that night at 10:30 PM and the next day for lunch.  We sailed North of Nordkapp, the most Northern point of land in Europe.  In Honningsvag, Norway, we played golf in the Midnight Sun.

More of our travel-related pages and images are listed on my Quick Reference/Archives page.

Digital Images and Photography
A favorite hobby my husband and I both enjoy.

Splendour of the Seas in the Gulf of Mexico
Image by Lois A. Evensen - March 6, 2004 

Home Sweet Home

Image by Catherine M. Berberich - January 3, 2008
Click here to see some of the many projects we enjoy at home.

Catherine and Penny Have Earned

Images by Lois A. Evensen - June 16, 2007
Many Blue Ribbons in Agility

Penelope T. Labrador OA OAJ NF - SR23514702
Click here to see more of these special four-legged "people."
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