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Oslo Fjord
D/S Kysten I
"It Was A Three (and a half) Hour Tour"

Toensberg's tower is visible on a clear day 

from Splendour of the Seas when she sails 
out of Oslo Fjord. 

Bridge Tour!  The Captain is wearing the plaid shirt. 

Most of these seaside homes are summer homes.


A special Norwegian treat: 

open-faced shrimp sandwiches. 

Although she's tiny in this image, if you look 

carefully, you'll see a young woman jumping into
Oslo Fjord, the local " swimming hole." 

The journey is almost over when we see the tower again.

The timing of the cruise is timed with the 
opening of the draw bridge

This ship is Fido Friendly.

Solar powered light house. 

When you sail out of Oslo onboard Splendour 

of the Seas, you see this lighthouse at 
the mouth of Oslo Fjord. 

It's a family oriented ship.  :-) 

Fjord-style out house. 

The local people are used to seeing Kysten I passing by. 

Images by Kjell T. & Lois A. Evensen

July 15, 2000

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