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Honningsvåg, Norway
Land of the Midnight Sun
June 27, 2000

The industry in this Arctic Circle town is fishing.

Here is another dock that is shorter than Splendour

of the Seas, but that doesn't stop us from tying up here.

This bus was parked about as close to the sea 

as it could be.

We received a musical welcome.

The trolls were waiting for us outside their shop.

We need a pair of these for home.  :-)

This is the picture window view of Honningsvåg

from our cabin.

This image is also taken through the glass of our window.

The church you see is the only building spared by the
Nazis at the end of their occupation during World War II.
Honningsvåg is well into the Arctic Circle so human
survival is not possible without shelter.  The entire town
has been beautifully rebuilt since the end of the war.

Here we see Splendour behind the sea wall

that protects Honningsvåg from the 
ravages of the Arctic Ocean.

This little boat...

...tied up our stern line here.

This tractor was used to pull our bow line to where

Splendour could be tied up.

In every Norwegian port we saw family of crew

waiting at the dock for a visit.  :-)

There is a joke among the crew that in Honningsvåg 

they have to plug a parking meter because we are 
"parked" in the center of town.

I must admit parking is a little tight.

Astra II's bow was tucked under Splendour

as if protectively tucked under her wing.

This view of the parking arrangement is from 

Deck 4 of Splendour.
We arrived at 3 PM and left at Midnight

on June 27, 2000.  Since we were in the Land
of the Midnight Sun, we never saw darkness here
nor anywhere for the entire three days we
were in the Arctic Circle.

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