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Royal Caribbean's
Majesty of the Seas
Cruise to Nowhere
September 2 - 6, 2004

Avoiding Hurricane Frances
The Rest of the Story
beginning of the story

Storm clouds began to push their way over the ship.

The arrival of storm front was so very obvious.

The last rays of the sun cast a rosy orange glow.

The fluffy clouds above the ship were gorgeous shades of white and orange.

Then the orange clouds began to blend with the grey.

This is the beautiful morning after.
  We were nearing the coast of Cuba, out of the path of Frances.

We drifted off the coast of Havana, Cuba.

The evening sky provided a spectacular array of colors.

The next morning we had a crew medical emergency,
so we quickly turned the ship around and headed for Key West.

The weather was perfect.

As we neared Key West, a U.S. Coast Guard boat came out to meet us
and pick up the sick crew member.

The Captain established communications with the Coast Guard boat.

The crew member wearing a white shirt can be seen just as he
is transferred to the Coast Guard Boat.

We then went back to sea to wait until Frances would allow
us to return to Miami.  The skies gave us rain and the seas
gave us some rocking and rolling.

The Windjammer always provides a view of the action.

And then, through the rain and across the rough sea,
we could see Explorer of the Seas, one of the other
five Royal Caribbean ships whose itinerary had been
changed by Hurricane Frances.

Into the evening we continued to see the silhouettes of our sister ships.

And then another beautiful sunset at sea.

Monday morning, September 6, we were able to return to Miami.

We again had help from a tug

as we slipped into a very small space behind Explorer of the Seas.

Navigator of the Seas was tied up in front of Explorer

so dock space was limited.

It was a very tight fit!

The entire docking operation

was a fantastic piece of work!

We had enjoyed quite an adventure avoiding Hurricane Frances!
Images by Lois A. Evensen
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Background Image: Miami Beach September 2, After the Evacuation Notification
Image and Special Effects by Lois A. Evensen

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