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Splendour of the Seas
Air Medical Evacuation
June 25, 2000
Off the coast of Norway on the morning of June 25, 

a medical emergency required a helicopter
evacuation from Splendour of the Seas.

This Norwegian Life-Saving Service Sea King 
helicopter arrived in little more than one hour 
to evacuate the injured man to a hospital 
in nearby Trondheim.  I took these images
from the rear of the Viking Crown lounge. 

For what seemed like a long time, but was 
only about five minutes, the helicopter hovered
above the stern of Splendour.

Then an emergency medical technician was lowered to the fantail

quickly followed by a stretcher.

The helicopter continued to hover

as the team onboard Splendour worked with
the injured man and the physician and crew
onboard the helicopter waited at the door for their patient.

Passengers watched as the crews of Splendour and the 
Norwegian rescue helicopter efficiently worked together.

The helicopter's reflection can be seen in the glass 
roof of the solarium.  Many passengers were 
in the solarium watching the event.

Approximately fifteen minutes after the evacuation began,
the injured man was lifted to the air ambulance, 
quickly followed by the medical technician
who was applauded as he waved to those below.

The helicopter quickly departed for the hospital in Trondheim
and Captain Moen announced the evacuation was complete.
Happy Ending:
The following week we learned the injured crew member
had received intensive treatment for an eye injury,
had recovered, and had returned to duty aboard
Splendour of the Seas.

Images by Lois A. Evensen - June 25, 2000

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COPYRIGHT © 1994 - 2012 by Lois A. Evensen
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