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A Morning at the Dog Park
Christopher T. Labrador

I love the dog park.  I live in Cincinnati, USA.  Cincinnati recognized us dogs
as deserving of our own park.  It's a great place and the people there are OK, too.

This is me in Catherine's arms.  Yes, as a 95 pound, nearly two year old Labrador Retriever,
it's embarrassing sometimes to be carried around by my human,
but sometimes it's OK.  She could do anything and I would still love her.

I have lots and lots of friends at the park.  Many of them come back every weekend morning
with their humans.  Here, with the help of a black Great Dane we look like only one
dog with way too many legs.

We have to check out who has been where.  We have our own ways of doing this.  :))

Our humans love to play ball with us.  It's fun for us, too.

Here I am doing what I love to do most:  retrieve.

Sometimes the humans get into the action, too.

Oh, my, a little spat.

I really like Ebon, the Great Dane. 

Every once in a while a little tiny dog shows up.
That's when we have to be careful where we step.

Then there are the slow, happy guys.

Sometimes when someone new shows up there's a meeting at the front door to see
if the rest of us want to let the new guy in.

And, sometimes our humans have to convince us it's OK to share the park.

We have secrets to share with each other, too.

Even those slow guys enjoy watching the rest of us...

...struggle to get the ball.

When it's all over, though, we just enjoy a good romp together.

There are some, though, who just like to lie around in the mud.

Time to retrieve again!

That Ebon is really skinny!

Oh, my, Catherine will be upset with me.  I'm not supposed to have a muddy nose.

I'll try to disappear into the crowd for awhile.

I guess she's not too angry.  She loves to see me have fun.  :-)

Already?  Aww, gee, it must be time to leave.

I don't think Catherine wants me to get my muddy feet on the seats of her Explorer.

I'll be back to see you guys tomorrow.

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I spend a lot of time here:
Queen City Dog Training Club

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