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CATherine's CAT Tales

CATherine has CATs hanging around everywhere!

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Cats in the Cradle

Here's Smokey who keeps an eye on everything.
He picks the highest spot possible to watch over his kingdom.
He's not afraid to associate with wild CATs.
He's a very happy CAT
when his CATherine is at home!
Smokey likes to watch the birds outside his window.
Sweet little Goblynn lives here, too.
She's a very elegant cat.
Smokey surfs for CAT things on the Net.
While Goblynn makes sure the mouse doesn't get away.
Smokey does what he has to do to get a piece of cheese.
Goblynn just loves to play to keep her hunting skills sharp.
Smokey has CATherine well trained.

That's all of our CAT tales!

Catherine, Smokey, Goblynn, and Lois are very proud of the Cat Page Award this page has won!

Write to CATherine!
We are sad to report that Smokey, age 12, passed away from complications of Vaccine Associated Sarcoma on August 21, 2002 and Goblynn, age 14, passed away from supturative lung inflammation on August 24, 2004.  Smokey and Goblynn are missed by their faithful human, Catherine, their canine friend Christopher T. Labrador, and many other human friends.

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The Evensens on the Internet
COPYRIGHT © 1994 - 2006 by Lois A. Evensen
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