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Port of Call
Splendour of the Seas
St. John, Antigua

October 27, 2000
Image Port Report by Lois A. Evensen

When we go ashore, my husband and I like to do our own thing,
either walking or by hiring our own driver.
Our best souvenirs are the images we capture in our cameras.

This is our view of Trevor, our driver.  Trevor gave us an excellent
three hour tour of his island.

On the way to the opposite side of the island, 
Trevor cut through the residential areas.  These darling 
school girls posed for us as we stopped to say hello. 

This island is a photographer's paradise.

Goats and sheep roam freely.

This is all part of the Blockhouse area, 1787. 
From here we could see where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.

Not surprisingly, here you find the homes of the rich and famous.

Watch your step.  This is the view straight down to the sea. 

Ammunition was stored here in the 19th Century.

We drove to several different spots high above the sea.

At the complex of buildings that make up 
Nelson's Dockyard we visited the museum.

Antigua was under the control of the United Kingdom until the 1980's.

Pieces of original buildings remain...

...along with copies of old ships.

We returned to our car for the trip back to...

...the pier area where we stopped for a drink and photographed 
two policemen with little policing to do.

The evening was upon us... we boarded Splendour of the Seas... sail off into the sunset and to our next port.

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